Deojhar Waterfall

Discovering the Enchanting Charms of Deojhar Waterfall

Deojhar Waterfall is situated in the Narasinghpur Block of Cuttack District, Odisha, approximately 130 kilometers from the city of Cuttack and 80 kilometers beyond the beautiful Ansupa Lake, this captivating waterfall is surrounded in the lush forests of the Eastern Ghats. With a height of around 40 feet, Deojhar Waterfall remains a hidden gem, largely undiscovered and best for Picnic.

Things to See & Do

✅40ft high falls
✅There is a tube well there. You can collect water from it for drinking and Picnic.
✅Rocky terrain .
✅If you want to bath there you can.
✅Wonderful forest sceneries, animals like deer’s and birds like peacocks make the place even more attractive.
✅A place for adventure. Those guy who are nature lovers it is the best place..
✅Cave named as Badedidhar is just at the top of the waterfall where saints were lived.


🌳 Enjoy the scenic picnic spot in the relatively safe forest area.
📸 Capture memories with your camera or video equipment; photography is allowed.
🌅 Plan to leave before evening due to potential challenges like rocky terrain, elephant crossings, and the absence of mobile network.
🍲 Cook your own food at the site if you bring essential items, and consider purchasing rations from Cuttack.
🐍 Be cautious of snakes when inside the forest; watch your step and be aware of your surroundings.
🏞️ Appreciate the natural beauty, including the waterfall, but note that it may dry up during summers.


🌙 Don’t stay in the forest area after evening; it is advisable to leave before nightfall.
📵 Avoid relying on mobile networks as there is no coverage in the area.
🐘 Don’t forget to be vigilant for elephants while crossing through the rocky terrain.
🍽️ Don’t expect nearby restaurants at the waterfall; the closest ones are located in Narsinghpur.
🛒 Don’t forget to carry all necessary items for cooking if you plan to prepare food at the picnic spot.
📴 Don’t assume there will be a mobile network available; be prepared for the lack of connectivity in the forest.

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