Dilip Tirkey

Dilip Tirkey: A Stalwart in Indian Hockey

Dilip Tirkey

Dilip Tirkey, a name synonymous with Indian hockey excellence and political leadership, stands tall as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes and emerging leaders alike. This article delves into the remarkable journey of Dilip Tirkey, highlighting his achievements in the realm of sports and his impactful foray into the political landscape.

Early Life and Sporting Beginnings

Dilip Tirkey was born on November 25, 1977, in Saunamara village of Sundargarh district, Odisha, a region known for producing top-notch hockey players. From a young age, Tirkey displayed an innate talent for the sport, catching the eye of local coaches. His journey in the world of hockey commenced with humble beginnings, playing on the dusty fields of Sundargarh.

Full NameDilip Kumar Tirkey
SportsMen’s Field Hockey
BornNovember 25, 1977 in Sundargarh, Odisha
SpouseMeera Tirkey(2006)

First player-president of Hockey India

In September 2022, Dilip Tirkey achieved a historic milestone by becoming the inaugural player-president of Hockey India. His election to the pinnacle of a National Sports Federation marked a significant moment for the sport. Notably, Tirkey’s ascent to the top post was unopposed, underlining the unanimous support and recognition of his contributions to Indian hockey. As the first player-president, Tirkey brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the game, promising a new era for the development and promotion of hockey in the country under his leadership.

Legacy in Hockey

Retiring from international hockey in 2010, Tirkey left an indelible mark on the sport. His commitment to the game and leadership both on and off the field inspired a generation of budding hockey players. Post-retirement, he continued to contribute to the sport’s growth by taking up coaching and administrative roles.

Tirkey’s dedication and prowess on the field saw him rise through the ranks swiftly. His exceptional skills as a defender earned him a spot in the national team, marking the beginning of a stellar international career. Dilip Tirkey’s ability to read the game, combined with his robust defensive techniques, played a pivotal role in India’s success on the global hockey stage.

Social Initiatives and Advocacy

Dilip Tirkey has been actively involved in various social initiatives, focusing on education, healthcare, and sports development in his constituency. His advocacy for the rights of tribal communities and sustainable development has earned him praise both within and outside the political spectrum.

Beyond the hockey field, Dilip Tirkey transitioned seamlessly into politics. He joined the Biju Janata Dala(BJD) and, owing to his popularity and leadership qualities, quickly rose through the political ranks. Tirkey’s commitment to public service led to his election as a Member of Parliament, representing Sundargarh constituency.

Dilip Tirkey’s journey from a small town in Odisha to the pinnacles of international hockey and Indian politics is nothing short of inspiring. His story serves as a testament to the transformative power of dedication, skill, and a strong sense of responsibility. As India continues to celebrate its sporting heroes, Dilip Tirkey remains a towering figure, leaving an enduring legacy in both sports and politics.

Achievements of Dilip Tirkey

The zenith of Tirkey’s hockey career came with his participation in three consecutive Olympic Games (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, and Beijing 2008). His leadership qualities were acknowledged when he captained the Indian hockey team during various international tournaments. Notable victories and commendable performances against top-tier teams solidified his status as one of India’s most reliable defenders.

👉First-ever tribal to get Padma Shree Award
👉India’s highest capped (412 matches) hockey international and third highest in the world
👉Only Adivasi to represent India in 3 Olympic Games
✅1995: 7th SAF Games at Chennai (Champions)
✅1996: Olympic Games at Atlanta, USA (8th place)
✅1997: Under-21 Test Series against Germany (Winners)
✅1997: Under-21 Challengers Cup Tournament at Poznan, Poland (Winners)
✅1997: Junior World Cup at Milton Keynes, England (Runners-up)
✅1998: Asian Games at Bangkok (Gold medal)
✅1999: Asia Cup at Kuala Lumpur (Bronze medal)
✅2000: Olympic Games at Sydney (7th Place)
✅2000: 10th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Tournament at Kuala Lumpur (Bronze medal)
✅2002: Champions Trophy at Cologne, Germany (4th place), as Captain
✅2002: Asian Games at Busan, South Korea (Silver medal ), as Captain
✅2003: Asia Cup at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Champions)
✅2003: Afro-Asian Games at Hyderabad(Gold medal), as Captain
✅2004: Olympic Games at Athens, Greece (7th place), as Captain
✅2011: Odisha Living Legend Award Top of Form

Awards and Honours received by Dilip Tirkey

Dilip Tirkey has garnered recognition through various awards and honors for his outstanding contributions to field hockey and his commendable achievements, both on and off the field.
✅Included in the Junior World XI in 1997
✅Included in the Asian XI in 2002
✅Selected for World All-Star team in 2006
✅Selected for World All-Star team in 2007
✅Received the 2nd Ricoh Hockey Star of the Year Award in Bhubaneswar on July 6, 2010
✅Received the honorary Doctorate from Sambalpur University on July 15, 2010
✅Received the Odisha Living Legend Award from Orissadiary.com on Nov 11, 2011


Who is Dilip Tirkey?

Dilip Tirkey is a former Indian field hockey player,a prominent figure in Indian sports and politics. Born on November 25, 1977, in Sundargarh, Odisha, India.

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