Who is the Governor of Odisha

Who is the Governor of Odisha 2023

Who is the Governor of Odisha: Role, Responsibilities, and the Current Incumbent

The role of a Governor in India holds great significance as they serve as the ceremonial heads of the states, ensuring that the constitutional machinery of the state functions smoothly. In this article, we will discus, who is the Governor of Odisha 2023 the role and responsibilities of the Governor of Odisha, one of India’s culturally rich and economically vibrant states. Additionally, we will explore the current incumbent. Understanding the functions of the Governor in Odisha is crucial in comprehending the state’s governance and administration. To comprehend the role of the Governor in Odisha, it is essential to consider the historical context. The concept of the Governor’s office in India traces its roots to the colonial era, during British rule. After India gained independence in 1947, the position of the Governor continued to exist, albeit with a different mandate. Odisha, a state with a rich history and culture, has seen several distinguished individuals hold this prestigious office over the years.

Who is the Governor of Odisha

List of Odisha Governor Since Independence

Role and Responsibilities

Constitutional Duties: The Governor of Odisha, like Governors in other states, plays a crucial role in upholding the Indian Constitution. They are the ceremonial head of the state and act as a link between the state government and the President of India. Some of the key constitutional duties of the Governor include:

  • Appointing the Chief Minister: The Governor appoints the Chief Minister, who is usually the leader of the majority party in the state legislative assembly.
  • Dissolving the Legislative Assembly: The Governor has the authority to dissolve the legislative assembly if the Chief Minister advises it or if a situation arises that necessitates early elections.
  • Addressing the State Assembly: The Governor delivers the Governor’s Address at the beginning of the state legislative assembly session, outlining the government’s policies and priorities.

Legislative Functions: The Governor has an active role in the legislative process. They must approve bills passed by the state legislative assembly before they become laws. The Governor can also withhold their assent to a bill or return it for reconsideration under certain circumstances.

Discretionary Powers: Governors have discretionary powers, allowing them to take independent decisions in certain situations. However, these powers are exercised within the framework of the Constitution and under the advice of the Council of Ministers.


The role of the Governor in Odisha is of paramount importance in upholding the principles of democracy, ensuring the functioning of the state government, and safeguarding the interests of the people. While the specific responsibilities and contributions may vary from one Governor to another, their overall role remains consistent. The Governor’s role in Odisha, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse demographics, holds great significance in shaping the state’s future. The individual holding this position plays a pivotal role in maintaining the state’s constitutional integrity and fostering its development, while also celebrating its unique identity. In conclusion, the Governor of Odisha serves as a vital link between the state government and the central government, contributing to the state’s progress, cultural preservation, and social development. Their role in maintaining the state’s constitutional framework and fostering its growth cannot be overstated.


Who is the Governor of Odisha 2023?

The Present Governor of Odisha since 19 October 2023 is Raghubar Das.

Who is the first Governor of Odisha?

The First Governor of Odisha is Sir John Austen Hubback.

Who is the first lady Governor of Odisha?

There has not been a female governor appointed in Odisha since Independence.

Who is the Current Governor of Odisha?

The Current Governor of Odisha since 19 October 2023 is Raghubar Das.

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