Airports of Odisha

Airports of Odisha: Soaring High

Airports of Odisha

Odisha is not only renowned for its ancient temples, rich culture, and diverse landscapes but also for its well-connected aviation infrastructure. With several airports catering to domestic and international travelers, Odisha has positioned itself as a crucial hub for air travel in the eastern region.

Biju Patnaik International Airport

The bustling capital city of Bhubaneswar is home to the Biju Patnaik International Airport, named after the illustrious freedom fighter and former Chief Minister of Odisha, Biju Patnaik. Serving as the primary gateway to the state, this airport has witnessed consistent growth in passenger traffic and connectivity over the years.

Jharsuguda Airport

The industrial town of Jharsuguda boasts its own domestic airport, facilitating convenient air travel for the residents and businesses of western Odisha. Jharsuguda Airport has played a pivotal role in enhancing regional connectivity and contributing to the economic development of the area.

Rourkela Airport

Rourkela Airport is located at the steel city of Rourkela. It is handled by Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL).

Other Airports

While these are the major airports, Odisha also has a network of smaller airports, airstrips, and helipads across the state. These facilities aid in improving accessibility to remote and underserved regions, fostering economic development and tourism.

Sr. No.LocationAirport NameOperatorCategoryRole
1AngulSavitri Jindal AirportJindal Steel and PowerPrivatePrivate
2BalangirTusura AirstripGovernment of OdishaPublicNon-operational
3BarbilBarbil Tonto AirstripJindal Steel and PowerPublicPrivate
4BargarhSatibhata AirstripGovernment of OdishaPublicNon-operational
5BaripadaRasgovindpur AirstripIndian Air ForceMilitaryClosed
6Rajabasa AirfieldMayurbhanj Royal FamilyPrivateClosed
10CuttackCharbatia Air BaseAviation Research CentreMilitaryMilitary
11DhenkanalBirasal AirstripGovernment of OdishaPublicFlying School
12JajpurSukinda AirstripTata SteelPrivatePrivate
15KendujharRaisuan AirstripGovernment of OdishaPublicNon-operational
16LanjigarhLanjigarh AirstripVedanta ResourcesPrivatePrivate
17NuapadaNuapada AirstripGovernment of OdishaPublicNon-operational
18PhulbaniGudari AirstripGovernment of OdishaPublicNon-operational
19RairangpurRairangpur AirstripGovernment of OdishaPublicNon-operational
20RayagadaGunupur AirstripGovernment of OdishaPublicNon-operational
21Therubali AirstripIndian Metals and Ferro AlloysPrivatePrivate
23SambalpurHirakud AirstripGovernment of OdishaPublicNon-operational

Role of Airports in Odisha

Connectivity and Growth: The presence of well-connected airports has not only made Odisha easily accessible but has also catalyzed economic growth. The increased connectivity has attracted investments, boosted tourism, and facilitated the movement of goods and services.

Cultural Integration: Beyond their functional role, Odisha’s airports serve as cultural gateways, welcoming visitors to explore the state’s rich heritage. From the vibrant festivals to the historical landmarks, these airports become the first touchpoint for those eager to experience the diverse tapestry of Odisha.

Future Prospects: With the consistent growth in air travel and the state’s commitment to infrastructure development, the future of aviation in Odisha looks promising. There are ongoing discussions and plans for the expansion and modernization of existing airports and the establishment of new facilities to accommodate the increasing demand.

The airports of Odisha, with their strategic locations and modern amenities, symbolize the state’s commitment to progress and connectivity. As air travel continues to play a vital role in the region’s development, these gateways to the sky are not just terminals; they are the wings that propel Odisha into a future of boundless opportunities and cultural exchange.

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