Odisha GK

Odisha GK: A Comprehensive Guide to Odisha General Knowledge

Welcome to a journey through the cultural and historical wonders of Odisha! This Odisha General Knowledge (GK) guide is designed to be your go-to resource for discovering the rich heritage, vibrant traditions, and noteworthy achievements of this captivating Indian state. Dive into the rich history, vibrant culture, and contemporary achievements. Perfect for acing exams, this Odisha GK resource covers everything from ancient legacies to modern contributions.📚 🧠

1.Which country is comparable to the size of Odisha?
a) Netherlands
b) Bangladesh
c) Srilanka
d) Myanmar

Answer-Bangladesh(147,570) km2

2. What is the total area of Odisha?
a) 145,707 km2
b) 155,707 km2
c) 165,707 km2
d) 175,707 km2

Answer-155,707 km2

3. What is the State Song of Odisha?
a) Jaya Jaya He Odisha
b) O Mur Apunar Desh
c) Bande Utkala Janani
d) Mera Odisha

Answer-Bande Utkala Janani

4. When was the state’s name officially changed from Orissa to Odisha?
a) 2010
b) 2011
c) 2012
d) 2013


5. What is the rank of Odisha in terms of Area?
a) 7th Position
b) 8th Position
c) 9th Position
d) 10th Position

Answer-8th Position

6. What is the rank of Odisha for the largest population of Scheduled Tribes in India?
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

Answer-3rd (1st is Madhya Pradesh and 2nd is Maharashtra)

7. Which animal statue is found on the Emblem of Odisha?
a) Horse
b) Lion
c) Deer
d) Tiger


8. How many states does Odisha share its border with?
a) Three States
b) Four States
c) Five States
d) Six States

Answer-Four States
1) West Bengal (North)
2) Jharkhand (North)
3) Chhattisgarh (West)
4) Andhra Pradesh (South)

9. What is the length of the coastline of Odisha with the Bay of Bengal?
a) 485 Km
b) 585 Km
c) 685 Km
d) 785 Km

Answer-585 Km

10. Which region of Odisha is mentioned in the National Anthem of India?
a) Utkala
b) Drābiṛa
c) Ucchala
d) Baṅga


11. When is the Statehood Day of Odisha?
a) 1st March 1936
b) 1st April 1936
c) 1st May 1936
d) 1st June 1936

Answer-1st April 1936

12. What is the capital of Odisha?
a) Cuttack
b) Rourkela
c) Puri
d) Bhubaneswar


13. Which is the largest city in Odisha?
a) Bhubaneswar
b) Cuttack
c) Rourkela
d) Berhampur


14. What is the State Mammal of Odisha?
a) Sambar Deer
b) Gaur
c) Fishing Cat
d) Spotted Deer

Answer-Sambar Deer

15. What is the State Bird of Odisha?
a) Hill Myna
b) Kingfisher
c) House Sparrow
d) Indian Roller

Answer-Indian Roller

16. What is the State Fish of Odisha?
a) Ilish
b) Mahanadi Mahseer
c) Mud Fish
d) Walking Catfish

Answer-Mahanadi Mahseer

17. What is the State Flower of Odisha?
a) Tangidi Puvvu
b) Brahma Kamal
c) Jasmine
d) Ashoka


18. What is the State Tree of Odisha?
a) Sacred Fig
b) Sheesham
c) Ashwatha
d) Mango


19. When is Utkala Dibasa celebrated in Odisha?
a) 1st April
b) 1st May
c) 1st June
d) 1st July

Answer-1st April

20. How many seats are in the Odisha Legislative Assembly?
a) 147 Seats
b) 157 Seats
c) 31 Seats
d) 41 Seats

Answer-147 Seats

21. Which is the State Dance of Odisha that is also in the 8 Classical Dances of India?
a) Odissi
b) Gotipua
c) Jhumair
d) Mohiniyattam


22. Who is the current Chief Minister of Odisha?
a) Giridhar Gamang
b)Janaki Ballabh Patnaik
c) Hemananda Patnaik
d) Naveen Patnaik

Answer– Naveen Patnaik

23. Who is the longest-serving Chief Minister of Odisha?
a) Biju Patnaik
b) Naveen Patnaik
c) Harekrushna Mahatab
d) Janaki Ballabh Patnaik

Answer-Naveen Patnaik

24. How many terms did Naveen Patnaik become the Chief Minister?
a) 6 Terms
b) 4 Terms
c) 5 Terms
d) 6 Terms

Answer-5 Terms

25. How many Lok Sabha seats does Odisha have?
a) 29 Seats
b) 31 Seats
c) 21 Seats
d) 11 Seats

Answer-21 Seats

26. How many Rajya Sabha seats does Odisha have?
a)10 Seats
b) 21 Seats
c) 30 Seats
d) 05 Seats

Answer-10 Seats

27. Who was the first Chief Minister of Odisha before Independence?
a) Bishwanath Das
b) Harekrushna Mahatab
c) Krushna Chandra Gajapati
d)Nabakrushna Choudhury

AnswerKrushna Chandra Gajapati (1 April 1937~19 July 1937)

Odisha GK-History

Explore the ancient roots of Odisha, from the Kalinga Empire to its significant role in the spread of Buddhism. Uncover the historical landmarks that still stand testament to its glorious past.

Cultural GK

Dive into the diverse tapestry of Odisha’s cultural heritage, including classical dance forms like Odissi, traditional music, and the exquisite Pattachitra art. Discover how these art forms continue to thrive in modern times.

Geography GK

Delve into the natural beauty of Odisha, with its pristine beaches, lush forests, and picturesque landscapes. Highlight popular tourist destinations and emphasize the state’s commitment to eco-tourism.

Architectural GK

From the iconic Konark Sun Temple to the Jagannath Puri Temple, explore the architectural brilliance that defines Odisha. Provide insights into the historical and cultural significance of these structures.

Odisha in Modern GK

Highlight Odisha’s contemporary achievements in various fields, such as sports, science, and technology. Shed light on the state’s progress and contributions to the nation.

Festivals and Celebrations GK

Immerse readers in the vibrant festivals of Odisha, from the grand Rath Yatra to the colorful celebrations of Durga Puja. Capture the essence of these events and their cultural importance.

Famous Personalities GK

Celebrate the achievements of renowned Odia personalities who have made significant contributions to various fields. Include brief biographies and their impact on Odisha’s cultural and intellectual landscape.

Odisha’s Unique Cuisine GK

Explore the delectable Odia cuisine, known for its diverse range of flavors and unique dishes. Provide recipes and insights into the cultural significance of traditional Odia food.

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