Rivers of Odisha

Rivers of Odisha: The Lifeline of Odisha

Rivers of Odisha not only contribute to the irrigation and agriculture of the region but also play a crucial role in the socio-economic and cultural aspects of Odisha. They are essential for the livelihoods of the people living along their banks and support diverse ecosystems. Odisha, a state in eastern India, is blessed with a diverse network of rivers that contribute to its geographical and ecological richness. These rivers can be broadly categorized into four groups based on their origins and flow patterns.

Rivers that have a source outside the State

a. Mahanadi River:

  • Origin: Amarkantak hills of the Bastar Plateau in Raipur district, Chattisgarh.
  • Length: Approximately 857 km (494 km in Odisha).
  • Catchment Area: 141,600 sq.km (65,580 sq.km in Odisha).
  • Notable Feature: Hirakuda Dam, the longest dam in Asia, is constructed on the Mahanadi.
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b. Brahmani River:

  • Origin: Sankh and Koel rivers from the Chhotanagpur Plateau of Bihar.
  • Length: 799 km (541 km in Odisha).
  • Catchment Area: 39,033 sq.km in Odisha.
  • Mouth: Joins the Mahanadi at Dhamra before entering the Bay of Bengal.

c. Subarnarekha River:

  • Origin: Chhotnagpur Plateau of Bihar.
  • Length: 433 km (70 km in Odisha).
  • Catchment Area: 19,500 sq.km (3,200 sq.km in Odisha).

Rivers having a source inside the State

a. Budhabalanga River:

  • Origin: Eastern slopes of the Similipala massif.
  • Length: Approximately 175 km.
  • Catchment Area: 4,840 sq.km.
  • Notable Tributaries: Sone, Gangadhar, Catra.

b. Baitarani River:

  • Origin: Gonasika hills of Keonjhar district.
  • Length: 365 km.
  • Catchment Area: 12,790 sq.km.

c. Salandi River:

  • Origin: Meghasani Hills of the Similipal massif.
  • Length: 144 km.
  • Catchment Area: 1,793 sq.km.

d. Rushikulya River:

  • Origin: Rushyamala hills of the Eastern Ghats in Phulbani district.
  • Length: 165 km.
  • Catchment Area: 8,900 sq.km.
  • Notable Tributaries: Baghua, Dhanei Badanadi.

Rivers having a source inside Odisha but flowing through other states:

a. Bahuda River:

  • Origin: Ramgiri hills of the Eastern Ghats in Gajapati district.
  • Length: 73 km.
  • Catchment Area: 1,250 sq.km.
  • Flows into the Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh.

b. Vansadhara River:

  • Origin: Flanks of the Durgakangar hills (Lingaraj hills) in Kalahandi district.
  • Length: 230 km (150 km in Odisha).
  • Catchment Area: 11,500 sq.km.
  • Mouth: Enters the Bay of Bengal at Kalingapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

c. Nagavali River:

  • Origin: Bijipur Hills of the Eastern Ghats near Lanjigarh.
  • Length: 210 km (100 km in Odisha).
  • Catchment Area: Approximately 9,410 sq.km.

Rivers having a source inside Odisha but tributary to rivers flowing through other states

a. Kolab River:

  • Origin: Sinkaran hills of the Eastern Ghats in Koraput district.
  • Catchment Area: 20,400 sq.km.

b. Indravati River:

  • Origin: Eastern Ghats in Kalahandi district.
  • Length: 530 km.
  • Catchment Area: 41,700 sq.km.
  • Tributary: Flows into the Godavari River.

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