Tourist Places in Odisha

Best Tourist Places in Odisha

Tourist Places in Odisha

The state of Odisha unfolds cultural richness, historical grandeur, and natural beauty. From ancient temples to pristine beaches and vibrant crafts villages, Odisha beckons travelers with a myriad of attractions that showcase the diverse facets of its heritage. Let’s embark on a journey through some of the best tourist places in Odisha. Come & Experience The Soul of India !👫🌍✈️📸ଓଡ଼ିଶାର ପର୍ୟ୍ୟଟନସ୍ଥଳୀ


Rabindranath Tagore says about Konark: “Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man.”

     Tourist Place in Odisha



Barabati Stadium


Tampara Lake

There are many Beautiful places in Odisha to explore, come and experience. We are trying our best to give you some helpful information.

More spots coming soon!

What are the two National Parks in Odisha?


What are the five famous places in Odisha?

The five famous places in odisha are Konark Sun Temple, Puri Jagannath Temple,Lingaraja Temple, Dhauli Giri Hills, Barabati Stadium

What is unique in Odisha?

Odisha is the soul of India, It has some many beautiful ancient temples like puri Jagannathan, Konark Sun Temple, Lingaraj Temple and so on. Odisha also home to Thick Natural Forest area such as Bhitarkanika, Shimilipal

Which state is called soul of India?

Odisha is Called the Soul of India.

What is the Tourism Capital of Odisha?

The Tourism Capital of Odisha is Bhubaneswar.

There are how many Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha?

There are 18 Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha.

There are how many National parks in Odisha?

There are Two National Parks in Odisha.

There are how many Ramsar sites in Odisha?

There are Six Ramsar sites in Odisha.

There are how many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Odisha?

There is only One UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Odisha that is Konark Sun Temple.

What are the Ramsar sites in Odisha?

Chilika Lake,Tampara lake, Hirakud reservoir and Anshupa Lake,Bhitarkanika Mangroves,Satkosia Gorge.

Why is Orissa famous?

Odisha is Famous for Puri Jagannath Temple,Konark Sun Temple not only in india but also in the world.

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