Odia Alphabet

Odia Alphabet/Odia Letter Language

Odia language is a 52-letter language. It is divided into vowels and consonants.
To write the Odia language, a vowel(12) and a consonant(40) can be combined to form the Odia script.
The term ‘matra'(ମାତ୍ରI) refers to the combination of the two.

Odia Vowel Letters

Vowels are known as ‘Swarabarna'(ସ୍ଵରବର୍ଣ୍ଣ) in Odia. There are 12 independent vowel letters, 9 dependent vowel letters, and 2 two-part dependent vowel letters.
Vowels can be written as separate letters or in combination with consonant letters.
Vowels can be added before or after consonants, changing the shape of the consonant letter.

Odia Consonant Letters

Consonants are also known as ‘Byanjan Barna’ (ବ୍ୟଞ୍ଜନ ବର୍ଣ)in Odia. Odia contains 40 consonant letters.
In Oriya, consonants and vowels are combined to form a final sound. Each consonant has its own shape, which changes depending on the vowel letter attached to it.

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